5 ways to have the best murder mystery party ever!

So you want to have a party, good on you! Sometimes though, you get that itch to do something a bit different. There is nothing more memorable than holding a murder mystery party.

What is a murder mystery?

A murder mystery is an interactive event where your guests mingle and work as detectives. A guest at your party gets murdered (with lots of laughing) and another guest is the murderer. Your guests eat, drink and socialise all while solving a tragic murder.  A murder mystery is a fabulous idea. They are fun, full of laughs and easy to organise.


1) Have it at home

Having the murder mystery at home or work is generally the cheapest way to hold a party. Typically, as with any party, you as the host will be responsible for pulling it all together.

Organising – This will be just like any other party. Pick a date and time and send your invites out. You will probably want to create an event on Facebook too. Give your house a good scrub down, clear the junk and get everything in tip top shape for your guests.

The game – You could create your own murder mystery game but this will take a lot of effort. Why not order a professional murder mystery game. This way you know that you are getting a tried and tested, quality product.

Hosts – Once you have your murder mystery game you will need someone to run it. You can get your most gregarious friend or relative or hire a professional host. You can do it yourself, but there is a lot to do on the night of your party so I would get a helping hand on that front.

Catering – Ask a friend to put on the party pies, get hubby to crank the BBQ or you can get caterers in. Caterers charge anywhere from $200 to ? so it depends on your budget.

Decorations – Go to your local decoration shop and go crazy or make them yourself.

Music – Load up Spotify on your phone and plug it into your speaker system. Try and theme the music to your event if you can.


2) Have it at work

Work places often have nice open spaces and can make a great venue for a murder mystery. The big benefit of course is that it is free. The downside is that people might feel like the are spending their leisure time at the office.

How you organise your work function depends on your budget. If the boss has given you a blank cheque book, then go crazy. The steps are largely the same as above. The main difference is that you want staff to have a good time and not spend the night in the kitchen helping.

Organising – As for holding it at home but make sure you ask the boss before you plan.

The game and host – For a work function you really should hire in a professional host. They take control and ensure the night is awesome.

Catering – I would bring caterers in or at least order pizza.

Decorations and music are the same as for a party at home.


3) Go to a function centre

Some function centres do everything for you and other just rent you a room. It all depends on where you want to go.

Organising – The best part is that you don’t have to clean up. You will have to remove your decorations etc. but you shouldn’t have to mop and vacuum at the end.

The game and host – As above, I would recommend a professional game and host.

Catering – This depends on the venue. Some function centres will provide a full catering and bar service. Some will let you use their kitchen, and some just provide a room. You will have to adjust your catering plans to suit.

Decorations and music are the same as for at home but why not consider a DJ so your guests can boogie on down after the mystery is over.


4) Go on a cruise, a train or make a weekend of it

For something extra special you could hold your murder mystery party on a steam train, a cruise boat or take your group away to a beautiful old homestead out in the country. The organising is largely the same, but the excitement of a murderous train journey is something else.


5) Get an event planner to organise everything for you

After all these tips and hints you might be saying to yourself “I can’t be bothered with all that I just want to have fun!” Well in that case get an event planner to organise the whole thing for you.  Event planners can take care of everything and all you have to do is get dressed and turn up.

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Happy Gaming!

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