5 Mum Bosses we love and you will too!

With tomorrow being Mother’s Day we really wanted to take it a step further and say thank you to all of the incredible Mum’s out there that spend their life working incredibly hard around the clock on the hardest job on the planet. The outcomes are never expected and the work load never seems to end.

So as a mother of 2 and the owner of Foreva Events I just wanted to say that you are all incredible. Every single one of you, whether you have 1 or 100, your hard work that often seems unnoticed is, and you deserve to treat yourself and that is why our good friends at Thai Healing House are offering you a 30minute foot reflexology + 30 minute facial + 60 minute body massage for only $159.00. Ph. 1300 979 555 or book at http://www.healinghouse.net.au (exp 20/5).

Now to get down to it….

Here are our 5 MUMBOSS friends you need to follow and read about! Please also note that these are in no particular order as ever mum is incredible in their own way!



Helen is a mother of 2 beautiful girls and fights for equality proudly. When an old boss told her that woman couldn’t be plumbers she challenged the status quo remarkably and started her own female dominated plumbing company Tradettes.

See more of Helen HERE




Loni is a 28 year old Earthling, mother of 2 healthy plant powered kids and works hard to inspire people to live their healthiest live through her thriving business, Feel the Lean

See more of Loni HERE




Susan Sly is an incredible U.S powerhouse that has 5 children and runs 3 multimillion dollar businesses. On top of her busy lives she helps others through her incredible podcast and literature. 

See more of Susan HERE



Erin is an incredible mother to one cute little 3 yr old as well as working for one of the states most innovative recruitment company’s Eron is also about to launch her blog Hola Mama which will be live very soon!

See more of Eron HERE



Samantha is a single mother to one energetic boy and almost due with her second. After being unfairly dismissed from her most recent position she has started her own Park Lane Jewellery business that is thriving from her positivity and kind heart.

See more of Sam HERE



We hope these women help inspire you with their journey’s and we would love to hear from you if you are a mum and what you do for your children and community.

Just send an email to press@forevaevents.com.au

Warmest regards,

Eva  🙂












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